The Shadey Theatre Restoration Poject.

HK-47 by mjkrzak and Lothmar the IXth. Knuckles. Sonic Advance 2. Hi-Macs 3 by mjkrzak. Tails. Sonic Advance 2. H-Girl by mjkrzak. Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Advance 2. Harpuia Mega Man X SNES Style by mjkrzak. Sonic Advance: Rouge the Bat by Daniel Sidney. Gyro Man Wily Wars Style by mjkrzak.

As you may have noticed there are a bunch of missing comics.
Do you have them? Send them in and I'll post them sometime.

"Shadey Theatre" copyright Chris Neal/Shadey/Shadespectre.
Used without permission (like he would give it.)

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The Dragon Princess once said Shadey Theatre was "awsome."
(No one has or ever will call any of my comics "awsome," so I'll buy one that was.)