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December 2002:
I was visiting the Anime Cafe when a friend showed me this "web comic' called
Shadey Theatre. Spent the next hour laughing our asses off.

December 2002:
While doing some Internet searches to find the sprites used in Shadey Theatre
I found Bob and George.

January 2003:
You know, this whole "sprite comic" thing doesn't seem to be all that difficult,
maybe I could do it too.

March 2003:
Went on vacation to Operation Iraqi Liberation.

Febuary 2004:
Back home and alas Shadey Theatre is gone.
So sad.

December 2011:
Discovered the Internet Archive. It has some of the original Shadey Theatre.

March 2013:
Bought shadeytheatre.com to prevent the comic that inspired me to do my own from being turned into a spam advertising site and/or keep it from being deleted from the Internet Archive.

July 2015:
Started the Shadey Theatre Restoration Project. Like I don't have anything else to do.